Mure & Peyrot Bordelaise Bread Scoring Lame with Pack of 10 Replacement Blades Bundle

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Bundle of 2 items: Bordelaise Professional Bread Scoring Blade and pack of 10 (436.1) replacement blades.
Lame holds a replaceable standard razor-blade; the angle can be adjusted by applying gentle pressure to the handle.
Comes with a removable, protective cover. is the exclusive online retailer of Mure & Peyrot bread scoring lames.

From Manufacturer (Mure & Peyrot):

Our history has been built around a sharp sense of the evolution of the use of knives and blades throughout decades. Handcrafted, then industrial, our company has merged its experience and professionalism to strive for constant innovation.

 We launched the bread scoring knife products in 2005, winning the prestigious EUROPAIN show award (one of the top bakery industry trade show in Europe) the same year due to our innovative design and safety features.

 However, the ongoing trust of our customers in more than 70 countries around the world is the best reward we could get.